Shibao Pagoda

Literally translated into English: Stone Treasure Fortress. Located in Zhong County, at the south bank of the Yangtze River, 52 km away from Wanxian, it was first built in Qing Dynasty in 1750, with a height of 56 meters. Shibaozhai is simply a rectangular rock with sheer cliffs, standing on the riverside.

A red wooden pagoda, 12 stories high, was built against the rock wall. Visitors can climb to the top by spiral staircase in the pagoda. 160 meters above the river, visitors can gain a panoramic view of the winding river, the village and the countryside.

After the Three Gorges Dam is complete, the water level will come up to the foot of the tower. A wall will be built to surround the protect the building from water. Visitors would change to a small boat to see it, in stead of climbing the mountain.